1. Mysteries of vernacular: Earwig - Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel

    TED-Ed brings us another awesome episode ofMysteries of Vernacular. In this episode they talk about every kid at camp’s worst nightmare: the dreaded earwig

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  2. TED-Ed: Who invented writing? - Matthew Winkler

    Mysteries of Vernacular While humans have been speaking for tens of thousands of years, writing has only been around for approximately 5000 years.  Check out this video from TED-Ed to see where writing came from.  

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  3. TED-Ed: Mysteries of vernacular: Noise - Jessica Oreck

    Mysteries of Vernacular has become an office favourite here at GlobaNova. In this episode they explain where the words noise, nausea, and naval all stem from.

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  4. TED-Ed: Beware of nominalizations (AKA zombie nouns)

    Beware the zombie nouns! Think about this video next time you use the word “antidisestablishmentarianism.” 

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  5. TED-Ed: How did English Evolve?

    As world powers have changed over the course of history, so has the English language.  Each new kingdom  added to the English that we speak today.  

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  6. Why is Creativity Important in Education?

    Sir Ken Robinson explains why creativity is a necessity - not an option.

    (via Adobe TV)

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  7. TED-Ed: Why is there a “b” in doubt?

    English has a lot of oddly spelled and pronounced words.  We have rules, and exceptions, and exceptions to exceptions…  Words can even have the same ending but sound worlds apart.  This video delves deep into one specific example - the odd word, “doubt”.  

    (via TED-Ed)

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